Work flows seamlessly with HiPDF!

Wondershare's HiPDF helps you maintain high document productivity from anywhere and at anytime cross multiple platforms including web, desktop, or mobile.
HiPDF, an all-in-one free online PDF solution, includes many powerful online features that will increase efficiency, including the ability to create, convert, compress, and merge PDFs and images.
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HiPDF Desktop
Easily convert PDF to or from Office format, image, HTML and text.
Protect your confidentiality by encrypting PDF files with a password.
Reduce PDF file size to optimize storage space by selecting from three different file size options.
Combine multiple PDF files into one unified document in seconds.
The simplified offline PDF tool taking complete control of documents.
Create and Convert PDFs
HiPDF desktop provides a quick and simple method to convert PDF files to different formats, maintain original layous, and easily edit formatting and tables. This will greatly improve user workflows.
Encrypt PDF
As an advanced PDF tool, HiPDF desktop is perfect for business professionals working with confidential documents and files on a daily basis. Users can easily encrypt PDF files with passwords for protection.
Merge PDF
HiPDF desktop lets you merge multiple PDF files into one document. Plus, with HiPDF Pro Plus, you can select the processing range for every file to combine PDF files.
Compress PDF
You can reduce the PDF file size to more easily share them online or through email. You can choose from 3 different compression types which maintains both formatting and quality.
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Easy to Use
HiPDF provides the easiest way to edit documents and images. There are only three steps to upload, process and download your PDFS, making it extremely user-friendly!
No Platforms Limits
As a browser-based online PDF solution, HiPDF allows users to work on multiple platforms including Windows, macOS or Linux, Android and iOS.
100% Privacy Guaranteed
Users can feel confident that their privacy and confidentiality are protected. Any documents you've worked with will be deleted from the server automatically one hour after the task has been completed.
Offline Processing
You won't need an internet connection to access powerful features for converting, creating, encrypting, compressing and merging PDFs! We also have more tools coming soon.
No File Limits
HiPDF offers the ultimate convenience, offering no page limits, file size limits, or limits on the number of files you can work with.
100% Privacy Guaranteed
You can work with confidential documents on your local device. HiPDF desktop protects your privacy with advanced security measures.