Frequently Asked Questions

Why my document looks different when I convert it from PDF to Word?

We provide industry-leading high-precision PDF to Word conversion, but PDF and Word are different file formats after all. Many factors may still affect the quality of the converted files, such as font, encoding and layout style in the original PDF documents.

[Office to PDF] Font problems

This is a classic problem. If your file looks different after an Office to PDF conversion, then it is usually a problem with the font. Usually the problem is that we don't have that font used in original office file (Word, Excel, PPT).

To solve this problem, you need to embed all the fonts when you save your document in Microsoft Word, and then upload the file again.

If you still have some issues, please contact us directly and attach the document.

Can you use HiPDF to edit text in PDF online?

HiPDF's online editing features are limited on adding texts, images or shapes, as well as annotations and signatures. If you need to edit the existing text in the original PDF file (interactive editing), please feel free to try our desktop software - PDFelement.

Is HiPDF safe to use? Will my files be deleted after the task is completed?

Your privacy is our top priority. We will take all necessary measures to ensure that all personal information provided to us is always protected.

All file transfers will be encrypted by the highest-level SSL, and we will automatically delete all uploaded files from the server an hour after processing. We will never store, scan or copy users' files.

For more information, please read our privacy policy.

"It takes too long time!"

The processing time depends on the file size and the number of pages, and also on the type of tasks, such as: OCR and OCR-based features will take more time than a normal conversion feature. If your single file size exceeds 100MB or the number of pages exceeds 1000 pages, we recommend that you use our desktop software, PDFelement.

"OCR takes too much time!"

The processing time of OCR and OCR-based features is longer than that of a normal conversion feature, and the recognition speed of OCR for the texts of Germanic languages and Romance Languages is faster than that of more complex characters like Chinese or Arabic. If you want to process 50 or more pages of scanned PDF files at a time, we recommend that you use our desktop software, desktop OCR processing will be faster and more convenient.

The English text recognized by OCR looks good, but the Chinese text recognized by OCR contains random codes.

Before processing the OCR recognition, there is an option of document language. Make sure you've selected all the languages appeared in the scanned document or picture. If there are both English and Simplified Chinese texts, then select both "English" and "Simplified Chinese" options.

OCR recognized characters are different from those in the original document.

The words and characters have been recognized, but there are errors in them, it is usually a problem with the font. The clarity of the original text and even the background color will affect the recognition result. The closer the font of the original document is to a standard print font (OCR has a weak ability to recognize handwriting text), the cleaner the background, the clearer the text, the better the recognition result you will get.

"Damaged file: This file is probably damaged, please try another one."

The file uploaded by the user is damaged, you will receive this error message if the system is unable to process the damaged file.

"Incorrect password or damaged file"

The document is encrypted by a password, if you entered a wrong password then you will receive this message, after entering the correct password you can then open the file for further operation.

How to change my login password?

First login to HiPDF, click on the top right personal avatar, then click on "Profile" in the pop-up drop-down list, click on the "Password" tab, then enter the old password and the new password in turn and click "Save" to complete the change.

What are the benefits of being a HiPDF Pro subscriber?

Subscribers enjoy the following valuable benefits:

Unlimited use of all tools: You can use all the features on the HiPDF website indefinitely during the subscription period.
Batch processing: Multiple files can be uploaded, converted and compressed at one time.
Support for larger file processing: Subscribers can enjoy much larger upload volumes and page limits for each file!
Conversion/Compression via Email: Subscribers can send files to us directly by email attachments, we'll convert / compress them and send back to you with lightning fast speed.
Enabling OCR: Subscribers can use OCR and all OCR-based features indefinitely during the subscription period.
High priority file processing: Subscribers get priority to file processing, enjoy the speed!
Customer Service Support: Customer service support in English, five days every week, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00
No ad: Clean UI interface, no advertising.

How to cancel automatic renewal

Click on the top right avatar, then click on "Profile" in the pop-up drop-down list and then you will see the text link "Cancel Subscription" in page, click "Cancel Subscription" and click "OK" in the pop-up confirmation box to cancel the automatic renewal.

If you still have problems for for cancelling Auto-Renewal, please contact us via

Why does the account interface remain unchanged after payment is completed?

This is rarely the case. The system will refresh automatically after purchase, and normally the Pro icon will appear in the upper right corner of the head position.

To solve this problem of display, you just need to log out of the account and log in again.