How to Change PDF to TIFF completely Free Online

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PDF to TIFF conversion has never been as easy as today due to HiPDF online conversion tools. Hipdf offers the best PDF to TIFF converter online, and it's also completely free. In this article we will explore how you can use our website to convert PDF to TIFF document. Furthermore, we will see how to do it offline as well.

Converting PDF to TIFF Online

Step 1: Visit the website and find PDF to TIFF converter

Go to website and then click on Convert on the main menu. This will lead you to another page where there are conversions specifically to convert PDF files into other formats.

hipdf homepage

Once you’re here you’ll see the section labelled as PDF Convertor. Over here you will find PDF to HTML icon. Clicking on this icon will lead you to the PDF to HTML converter online page.

PDF converter tools

Step 2: Upload the PDF file

Now on this PDF to TIFF converter free tool page click on the Choose File button. This will open a file explorer prompt. Now use this file explorer prompt to find the file which you are looking for. And if you want to upload files using your cloud platforms. Simply click on their icons.

PDF to TIFF convertor

Step 3: Convert and Download

Once the upload is complete, you can either enter more files or proceed to conversion by clicking on Convert.

convert PDF to TIFF

When conversion will complete from PDF to TIFF. The site will offer you to either download the file locally or on your drive.

download converted file

Converting PDF to tiff on Desktop/Offline

However, sometimes you will change PDF to TIFF on your local machine. For that you’ll need to download a conversion software. And the best one is our PDFelement. It’s feature rich and it’s also a great editor. To download go to

Step 1: Open PDFelement and import PDF file

Open PDFelement on your computer. After this on your main menu click on File. This will open a sidebar from where you will click on Open and then open your PDF file.

open PDFelement

Step 2: Convert and Save File

Now to convert your PDF to TIFF click on Convert from the main menu. It will open a new set of options. From these options select To Image icon. Now another prompt will open.

change pdf to tiff

Step 3: Save file

It will ask you to save your file. However, this part is crucial. You will head over to the Save As Type drop-down and select .tiff, this will save your file as a TIFF file. And this is how you change from PDF to TIFF file.

export file

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