How to Easily Convert Tiff Images to PDF Online Fast

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While not a very common image format many people know about, TIFF is critical in diverse ways. TIFF images are much larger than PNG and JPEG formats. In fact, scanned files in most old scanners save the files in TIFF format; it offers a better scanned document quality. TIFF to PDF online conversion is possible with HiPDF, your online document conversion and PDF management tool.

You no longer have to face the lack of a tool to help you convert TIFF to PDF free of charge with Hipdf. If you’re like most Windows users, especially Windows 7, 8 to 10, getting TIFF images converted to PDF may have always been a challenge. This shouldn’t be so anymore. Here’s a look at TIFF to PDF converter free tool you can access from anywhere online today.

Best TIFF to PDF online conversion tool

When you want to convert TIFF to PDF online chances are the opportunities are very few. However, Hipdf online tool allows you to use any browser to get the TIFF to PDF conversion done in seconds. Hipdf doesn’t stop there. It’s a PDF management tool accessible from any browser online you can use to convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PPT and Image formats and vice versa, access simple to use PDF editing features as well as PDF unlocking, cropping and merging functionalities. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is also a key feature with Hipdf as well as PDF compressing whenever you need to. With Hipdf to convert TIFF to PDF doesn’t have to be a headache any longer.

hipdf homepage

Here’s how to use the TIFF to PDF converter online now.

Step 1: Access TIFF to PDF Tool

Go to Hipdf website to access

tiff to pdf tool

Step 2: Import TIFF Image

Click “Choose File” to upload the TIFF image you want to convert into PDF.

import tiff file

Step 3: Download the PDF File

Make use of the free TIFF to PDF converter by clicking “Convert” to get the conversion underway. Once done, click “Download” to save the now PDF file on your computer.

download tiff to pdf

Best TIFF to PDF Desktop/Offline Converter

Obviously, the ability to convert PDF documents online is highly regarded. However, you might want to carry out heavy TIFF to PDF conversions on your desktop and offline. Hipdf desktop version is a quality tool to use offline for this purpose and much more. PDFelement, Hipdf’s reliable and highly recommended PDF converter, editor and all-in-one solution PDF program makes it so easy to manipulate and alter PDF files just the way you want.

Apart from being a PDF editor where you can edit text, links, watermarks and pages, PDFelement also offers PDF annotation tools, PDF conversion features and advanced functionalities like OCR and creating form fillable PDFs.

PDF protection tools such as passwords, e-signatures and permissions are also easier to execute with PDFelement. With the desktop Hipdf tool you can also access advanced printing, easy sharing features and hundreds of templates for your business.

Here’s how to convert TIFF to PDF.

Step 1: Open the PDF File

Launch PDFelement after downloading it on your computer free. Click “Create PDF” to import the TIFF image you need to convert to PDF. Immediately the TIFF file imported will start converting into PDF.

create pdf

Step 2: Create PDF from TIFF

Once the conversion process is done, click “Finish” to complete the process.

Step 3: Save As

You can go ahead and save the converted document into your computer by clicking “File” and choosing to “Save/Save AS”.

save as

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