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Top 5 Best JPG to GIF Online Converter

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Are you fed up with the old JPG file format? Do you want to add colors and enhance contrast to your pictures? Then convert your files from old JPG image format to GIF format.

GIF is one of the most common image formats that hold the capability to enhance the color contrasts of your pictures. It further adds the transition to images that the old JPG image format cannot. GIF image format is widely used by artists and graphic designers that augment contrasts and transitions to images. So, if you are one of those graphic designers or artists that love to engage in incredible graphics creations then convert your images to GIF format at first.

You may be confused about where to convert your images from JPG to GIF from? The best JPG to GIF converter online that does not cost you a heavy amount yet provides the best quality pictures. If you are thinking so then this article is for you. For your feasibility, here we have piled up the top 5 best JPG to GIF converters online that can help you with the conversion of images from JPG to GIF.

Top 5 JPG to GIF Converter Online

Here is the list of the best JPG to GIF converters online that facilitates users with any type of conversion. They especially assist users with the conversion of JPG images to GIF image format. Among them, HiPDF tops the list.

In this article, you are going to see the pros and cons of these top 5 best JPG to GIF converters online. In the end, your decision will be in favor of HiPDF due to the feasibility it creates for users.

1. HiPDF

HiPDF is one of the best JPG to GIF converter online that are available in the market. It is a commanding conversion tool that provides services of PDF files. HiPDF enables the users to use some of their tools online and convert their documents into numerous file formats in a single click. HiPDF is way better than other converters in all aspects in terms of affordability, reliability, and services

hipdf jpg to gif converter


  • HiPDF has a user interface that makes the tool more comprehensive.
  • HiPDF has got an excess of tools that facilitate users in multiple ways.
  • HiPDF does not interrupt with ads during conversion.


  • HiPDF is not very much responsive when working with mobiles.
  • It slows down the conversion of files sometimes.
  • You can't convert more than two files at a time.

Pricing: Monthly: $6/month & Annual: $48/year


Zamzar is on the 6th number on the list of best JPG to GIF converters online that provides services of file formats conversion. It offers conversion of various files including video, audio, image, and ebook. Also, it converts files to more than 100s of file formats. A big disadvantage while using Zamzar is that it has a size limit of 150 MB, which means you can’t convert large files!

zamzar jpg to gif converter


  • It provides efficient conversion of files to and from 100 file formats.
  • It offers multiple tools for editing.
  • It’s drag and drop option creates convenience for users when selecting files.


  • It has limited features when using its online version.
  • It doesn’t guarantee users that the converted files will not be deleted or lost.
  • Zamzar has limitations for free users over the size limit of files that is up to 150 MB only.

Pricing: Trial Version: Free
Startup: $25/month
Growth: $99/month
Scale: $299/month


Pixillion Image Converter is on the 4th number on the list of best JPG to GIF converter online that is available in the market to facilitate users for free. It tenders users to edit texts and add images into files. Furthermore, it enables users to edit, convert and view files with any format.

pixillionjpg to gif converter


  • It is easy to use.
  • Pixillion image converter has an intuitive interface.
  • It has many versions for MAC operating system.


  • You need to download it convert your files.
  • It works on 64 bits windows.
  • To use it online, you have to purchase it.

Premium: $50.
Standard: $35.

4. IloveIMG

IloveIMG is on the 5th number on the list of best JPG to GIF converters online yet free that is available in the market. It can merge, split, combine and compress documents and files. Moreover, it has got editing tool that can generate memes and water images as well.

iloveimg jpg to gif converter


  • IloveIMG enables users to select images from Google Drive and DropBox.
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t add an unnecessary burden on users.
  • You can select your language. It understands all types of languages.


  • It doesn’t refund the fee you have paid if you cancel the premium account.
  • It has limited editing tools when using its free version.
  • It doesn't warrant users that their services will meet user’s requirements.

Pricing: Monthly: $6

5. EZGIF.COM is on 2nd number on the list of best JPG to GIF converter online that facilitates users with its services for free. It provides the platform for users to get rid of all GIF problems. It has many tools that let users convert, edit, and split their pictures into GIF format.

ezgif jpg to gif converter


  • It has many tools including resize, crop, effects, split, etc.
  • It facilitates users with various GIF optimizing tools as well.
  • It also enables users to convert video into GIFs.


  • It has put a limit on the size of the file. You can only select a file size of 5 MB.
  • It lacks incorporation with Youtube and other video-sharing services.

Pricing: Free to use


Now you have gone through the best JPG to GIF online converters that are available online in the market. Almost each of them provides the same kinds of conversion services except for HiPDF. HiPDF never compromises on quality and user satisfaction. HiPDF has gained customer loyalty and competitive advantage. Since it is affordable, reliable and remarkable at the same time, users prefer HiPDF over every other online conversion tool.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to convert your files to GIF image format then go for HiPDF and you will be left amazed at the end. It is the best JPG to GIF converter online!

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