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Are you exhausted from the old JPG image format? Do you want to create incredible effects in your pictures but failed doing so? Don't you know what is lacking? Let us tell you then. It is your old image format that is not contributing to the high-quality graphics you want to create.

So, if you want high-quality graphics in your pictures then get rid of the old JPG format and get them converted into PNG image format now. You may be thinking of a platform to get your pictures and documents converted from. If so, then read this article.

Here, we have brought you the best 5 JPG to PNG converters online that can serve you the purpose. Moreover, you will be able to select one of the best JPG to PNG converter online that offers you all in one package of services at affordable prices.

Top 5 JPG to PNG Converter Online

So, below mentioned names are the best JPG to PNG converters online that facilitates users with free conversion services. Among them, HiPDF tops the list. In this article, you will get to know the pros and cons of each of the following converters. So, it would help you in choosing the best converter for you.

1. HiPDF

As mentioned above, HiPDF is one of the best JPG to PNG converter online that is available in the market. It tenders users to convert a document with any file format to any file format including PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. It further copes with scanned documents and changes them into editable formats. Moreover, HiPDF has OCR technology, which enables users to get better results in their conversion. In addition, all files are removed from the server of HiPDF after 60 minutes, ensuring the safety of the files.

hipdf jpg to png converter


  • HiPDF doesn't pop up with ads and it doesn’t interrupt users during conversion.
  • HiPDF has got a variety of different tools to handle multiple tasks.
  • HiPDF's remarkable user interface has made this tool simpler and better.


  • It does not work at a faster pace sometimes.
  • It doesn't allow users to work with more than 2 files at a time for free.

Pricing: Monthly: $6/month & Annual: $48/year


Zamzar is another one of the best JPG to PNG converter online that also provides free conversion services to users. You do not have to download any software while converting files from Zamzar. Moreover, it assists users with more than 1,200 types of file conversions.

zamzar jpg to png converter


  • It tenders users to download online videos from any website.
  • You can convert to up to 100 MB sized file for free.
  • You can store converted files into Zamzar inbox if you are a registered user.


  • It wastes the time of users by taking a long time to convert files.
  • It doesn't allow you to convert multiple files in a single go.
  • It has put barriers to its free version when it comes to filing size.

Basic: $9 per month
Pro: $16 per month
Business: $25 per month

3. Online Convert

Online-convert is one of the best JPG to PNG converter online free with an old and out-dated user interface. There are many different conversion options available on this online converter, which is pretty easy to use. A great disadvantage of this website is that you have to register first in order to use it, which can become a hassle when you’re in a hurry.

Moreover, the website also contains a few annoying ads which can hamper your experience.

onlineconvert jpg to png converter


  • It is for free
  • You can convert multiple files at once
  • You can upload files from Google Drive and Dropbox
  • You can upload files directly from URL
  • You don’t need to install or download it


  • Contains annoying Ads
  • Registration is necessary
  • It doesn’t contain a mobile or desktop software.

Pricing: Free to use

4. Browserling

This is the 5th on our list of the best JPG to PNG converter online. You can only use this website for free for 3 minutes, which is very less.

browserling jpg to png converter


  • It is quick in its conversion
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a user-friendly interface


  • Works only on Internet Explorer and Windows 7
  • It’s not free after 3 minutes

Single user monthly charges: $19
Multiple user monthly charges: $29

5. JPG2PNG is the 6th on our list of the best JPG to PNG converter online. It is very simple and easy to use since it only performs one function and its sole purpose is to perform this function.

Moreover, you can upload up to 20 files with this online converter and convert your files in bulk for absolutely free!

jpg2png jpg to png converter


  • It is quick in its conversion
  • It is easy to use because the website performs only one function, so you can’t go wrong while using it
  • It has a user-friendly interface


  • You can only upload 20 files at once, not more than that
  • It contains annoying advertisements.

Pricing: Free to use


So, you have seen how each of these best online JPG to PNG converters work. You further have analyzed their functionality as well. Now you can scrutinize what merits and demerits each of these converters are going to provide you if you opt for them. Furthermore, you may have examined why and how HiPDF is better than each of these JPG to PNG converters? HiPDF is popular for its secrecy concern about users and that's what makes it reliable and trustworthy.

Whenever you upload a file on HiPDF, it is encrypted so that even if someone tries to hack and download the file, they won’t be able to read it because it’s encrypted. Moreover, each file is deleted 60 minutes after it is uploaded, making it an extremely safe and trustworthy application.

HiPDF is all in one package of reliability, affordability, and accessibility. So, if you are deciding to go for HiPDF then just go for it. Give it a try and it won't disappoint you at the end. After all, it’s the best online JPG to PNG Converter that you can get!

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