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Top 5 PDF Page Separators You Should Know

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A PDF separator allows users to extract and save individual pages from a PDF document. Many PDF separator programs are available, and knowing which one to use can be challenging. If you’re here, then you have nothing to worry about.

The top 5 PDF separators are thoroughly presented in this article. You can acquire the necessary knowledge about them and pick the option that best suits your needs.

Top 5 PDF Separators Picked for You

Sometimes it’s necessary to create multiple PDFs from a single PDF document. Finding the proper PDF separator is a challenge, but doing so is not difficult. Especially now that you’re here, and all you need to do is read on to learn about the best PDF separators you should know.

Wondershare PDFelement - An All-in-One Powerful PDF Solution

Concerning PDF page separators, PDFelement is unrivaled. This application is robust, fast, and loaded with a lot of basic and advanced features that are proven useful for beginners and professionals alike. Providing its users with unrivaled functionality for working with PDFs, PDFelement is regarded as one of the best all-in-one PDF management tools.

This tool allows you to split PDFs into individual files based on page count or bookmark hierarchy criteria. There is no steep learning curve because the process is easy to understand.


How To Separate PDF Pages Using PDFelement

With PDFelement, you can separate PDF pages with total ease. Check the steps given below to know how:

Step 1: Launch PDFelement on your computer and import your file by clicking on the Open PDF button in your screen’s lower-left corner.

Step 2: Once done uploading, click on the Page tab from the toolbar, and then select the Split icon from the submenu that appears below the Page tab.


Step 3: In the resulting dialogue box, select Split by number of pages and enter the minimum number of pages you want your PDF to be split into. Under the Output Folder menu, locate the location on your computer where you want to store the generated content.


Step 4: Click OK if everything looks good. Wait for the process to be completed, then click OK.


Tip: If your PDF file is large, you can always compress it before separating its pages.

PDFelement’s Key Features, Pricing Details, G2 Ratings, Pros and Cons

The table below will get into the specifics of what makes PDFelement a great PDF management tool.

HiPDF – A Seamless Online PDF Separator Tool

HiPDF makes it simple to split PDF pages for whatever purpose. This free PDF separator tool makes it quick and easy to split PDF files into individual pages from within a web browser, requiring just access to the internet to complete the task at hand.

HiPDF is a versatile tool that can do much more than convert split PDFs. It can also merge PDFs, convert pictures, Word, PPT, and Excel, perform OCR, and more. What’s best is you can separate PDF pages without any charges because HiPDF is a completely free PDF separator that is foolproof and with no limitations.


How To Separate PDF Pages With HiPDF

The following are instructions for separating a PDF file into individual pages using HiPDF’s online Split PDF tool.

Step 1: Open HiPDF on your device’s browser and go to its Split PDF tool. Then click on the CHOOSE FILE button to upload your file.


Step 2: Specify your desired page separation criteria under the Split PDF file settings once the file has been uploaded. You will have the option of selecting all pages, even pages, or equal parts.


Step 3: When you finish making your selections, click the SPLIT button to finish. To see a preview of the output, click the SPLIT PAGES VISUALLY button.

Step 4: Wait for the PDF page separation process to finish. Once completed, click the DOWNLOAD button to get your new PDF files.






Key Features


         ·         View, Read, and Edit PDF files

         ·         Create PDF out of any file

         ·         Accurate OCR feature

         ·         Convert files to and from PDFs with no quality loss

         ·         Arrange PDF pages

         ·         Create, fill out, and sign PDF forms

         ·         PDF Annotation

         ·         Combine PDF files

         ·         PDF Password Protection




Pricing Details



         ·         Yearly Plan - 79.99 USD

         ·         2-Year Plan – 109.99 USD

         ·         Perpetual Plan – 129.99 USD


         ·         Annual Plan – 109 USD per user

         ·         Perpetual Plan – 139 USD per user

G2 Ratings

4.5 out of 5




         ·         Integrated Cloud Storage

         ·         Clean and intuitive UI/UX

         ·         Provides powerful editing tools

         ·         Offers a lot of basic and advanced editing features


         ·         When the file is too big, the program freezes sometimes

         ·         OCR doesn’t correctly identify texts at times

HiPDF’s Key Features, Pricing Details, G2 Ratings, Pros, and Cons

The table below will get into the specifics of what makes HiPDF a great PDF separator tool.




Key Features


      ·         Split PDF

      ·         Protect & Unlock PDF

      ·         Sign PDF

      ·         Extract Images

      ·         Redact PDF

      ·         Edit PDF

      ·         Rotate PDF and more


Pricing Details


A free version with all PDF tools except OCR

PRO version, Web + Desktop:

      ·         5.99 USD/month per user, billed monthly

      ·         3.33 USD/month per user, billed annually

(Billed as one payment of 39.99 USD)

G2 Ratings

5.0 out of 5




      ·         Easy-to-navigate UI

      ·         Robust PDF API for programmers

      ·         Support for incorporating Cloud services

      ·         The paid version has a high performance-cost ratio



      ·         The free version has a file size limit of 5 MB for Batch Processing

      ·         The free version lacks optical character recognition

EaseUS PDF Editor – Easy-to-Use PDF Separator Program

This incredible PDF splitter tool is a PDF file creator, reader, editor, and converter all in one. It can give you complete control over your PDF files, allowing you to do almost anything. It allows you to separate PDF pages and read, edit, and convert PDF files from word, excel, image, and PowerPoint formats and vice versa.

separate pdf pages in easeus pdf editor

EaseUS PDF Editor’s Key Features, Pricing Details, G2 Ratings, Pros, and Cons

Check out the table below to learn more about EaseUS PDF Editor.



Key Features


      ·         Split PDF

      ·         Merge PDF

      ·         Compress PDF

      ·         Sign PDF

      ·         Protect PDF

      ·         Add Watermark


Pricing Details



      ·         Monthly – 19.47 USD

      ·         Yearly – 49.95 USD

      ·         Lifetime Upgrades – 79.97 USD

G2 Ratings

4.5 out of 5




      ·         Wide variety of PDF tools

      ·         Allows users to fully manage PDFs

      ·         Features an online collaboration





      ·         It only works on PC so you have to download this application before use

      ·         Subscriptions can be costly

      ·         Not available on Mac devices

Icecream PDF Editor – Flexible PDF Editing Tool

If you need to extract individual PDF pages from a larger PDF document, Icecream PDF Split & Merge is an excellent choice. You can use the software’s page splitting options to split PDFs into smaller files based on the number of pages, the pages in a group, or the pages you want to eliminate. Both PCs and Macs can use this application.


Icecream PDF Editor’s Key Features, Pricing Details, G2 Ratings, Pros, and Cons

To know more about the capacity of Icecream PDF Editor as a PDF solution, read the table below




Key Features


      ·         Manage Pages

      ·         View and Edit PDF Metadata

      ·         Merge PDF Documents

      ·         Protect PDF

      ·         Create PDF

      ·         Search Your PDF

      ·         4 PDF Editing Modes – Edit PDF, Annotate, Manage Pages, and Fill in Forms


Pricing Details


One-Time Subscription 49.95 USD

PRO PDF package includes PDF Editor, PDF Converter, and PDF Split & Merge 69 USD

G2 Ratings

4.3 out of 5






      ·         Files secured with passwords can be opened and edited in this tool, and permissions can be adjusted as needed

      ·         More than 50 languages are supported

      ·         Offers a free trial

      ·         Provides a free version

      ·         Secure PDF Management tool





      ·         Not available on Mac devices

      ·         Unless you purchase its Pro version, the results of your work will automatically have watermarks on them

      ·         Occasionally, some features work, but some fail

      ·         The pro version can be pricey

SmallPDF – A Highly Intuitive PDF Tool

SmallPDF is another fantastic, simple, and free PDF splitter that can be found on the web. It’s packed with features that make it easy to change, organize, and divide PDFs. You can view PDF, and in the interim, it can be edited by adding and highlighting other items, texts, images, shapes, annotations, etc.

Using this web-based tool and dividing your PDF into different portions or pages requires an active internet connection.


SmallPDF’s Key Features, Pricing Details, G2 Ratings, Pros, and Cons

Learn more about SmallPDF’s key characteristics from the table laid out below:





Key Features


      ·         Split PDF Pages

      ·         Read and Edit PDF

      ·         eSign PDF

      ·         Merge PDF

      ·         Compress PDF

      ·         Delete PDF Pages

      ·         Rotate PDF

      ·         Protect and Unlock PDF

      ·         PDF Scanner

      ·         Insert PDF Page Numbers




Pricing Details



9 USD/month per user, billed annually.

(Billed as one payment of 108 USD) 

Team (2-14 users):

7 USD/month per user, billed annually.

(Billed as one payment of 84 USD)

G2 Ratings

4.5 out of 5






      ·         Provides a bunch of useful PDF tools

      ·         Integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive cloud storage

      ·         Very easy to use due to its highly intuitive interface

      ·         Features an unlimited document size

      ·         Compatible with a wide range of devices




      ·         Several equations lose precision when converted from PDF to Word

      ·         You can only do two of these for free every day

      ·         It has only one free-splitting method


Which of the PDF splitter tools discussed here best meets your requirements is entirely up to you. However, if you’re looking for a recommendation, HiPDF is an excellent online PDF separator. On the other hand, if you need to work offline, PDFelement is the best option.

PDFelement stands out because of its all-inclusive feature, where it provides all the basic and advanced tools you’ll ever need when managing PDF files. Not only that, but PDFelement also takes pride in its clean and intuitive user interface, making it perfect for anyone who has to deal with PDFs.

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