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How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint with PDFelement

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Many times, the presentations are converted to PDF format for transferring them to other computers. Standard PowerPoint format (.ppt) can cause a change in formatting when transferred from one computer to the other. To save them from formatting change, they are converted to PDF format. However, when you want to edit them you need to convert them back into PowerPoint format.

To convert PDF to PowerPoint format, there are many tools available on the Internet. We've reviewed some of the tools and decided to share the best one with you. Keep reading to learn the step-by-step procedure of converting PDF to PowerPoint on the PDFelement converter.

Wondershare PDFelement: Powerful PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Wondershare PDFelement pro is a desktop software which is aimed to convert your PDF files to different formats. You can convert PDF to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, HTML, TXT, and many other formats.

Apart from PDF to PowerPoint converter, you can also convert pdf files to other formats. Let’s look at some of the features of this software:

• Edit
You can edit your PDF files using editing tools. You can edit text, add & remove images, edit footer and header, work on watermarks and the background and change colors as well.
• Annotation
You can perform annotations of all kinds in your PDF documents with this software.
• Convert file formats
You can convert your PDF files to many different formats. It is an easy process.
• Forms creation
You can make fillable PDF forms as well to use for different purposes.

How to convert PDF to PowerPoint with PDFelement?

To convert PDF to PowerPoint, you need to follow some simple and easy steps. Wondershare PDFelement is an easy tool to convert PDF to PPT format. Let’s see those simple steps:

Step 1: Open Wondershare PDFelement

Open Wondershare PDFelement on your desktop. After opening Wondershare PDFelement on your desktop, Click the "File” menu. From the File menu, select “Open.”


Step 2: Browse your file

After opening the “Open” window, click the “Browse” tab. After you click the Browse tab, a dialogue box will open. From the dialogue box, select the PDF file you want to convert pdf to ppt.

Step 3: Convert your file

After selecting the PDF file, it will revamp in the editor. To convert PDF to PowerPoint, Click the “Convert” tab from the toolbar. From the toolbar, Click “To PPT.”

save as ppt

Step 4: Save your file

As soon as you press “to PPT”, a pop-up window will appear asking you to save the file. Choose your desired location!

There is another quick way to convert PDF to PPT.

Step 1: Open PDFelement and click “Convert PDF”

Open Wondershare PDFelement and then click “Convert PDF.”

convert pdf option

Step 2: Select your file

A dialogue box will appear asking you to select your PDF file. When you’ll select your, a new dialogue box will appear with the name of “Save as.”

select pdf document

Step 3: Save your file!

From the “Save as” dialogue box, Click the "Save as type” tab and choose “PowerPoint” from the options. After then, Click the "Save” button. Congratulations! Your file is converted from PDF to PPT.

save as powerpoint

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