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Top 5 Best BMP to PDF Converter Online

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The BMP File Format is a graphics image file format which can store two dimensional digital images which may be either monochrome or colored. This format is highly useful, and is also known as a bitmap image file, or a DIB i.e. a device independent bitmap. However, one might need to convert a BMP file into a PDF which allows the user to ensure that others view their file on the device exactly just as they want them to see it. For that purpose, users want to find the best BMP to PDF online converters, which are easy to use and are preferably free.

1. HiPDF

HiPDF offers an ‘all in one pdf solution’, allowing users to convert PPT files, digital images, Excel sheets, and Word documents into PDF files, as well as splitting, merging, cropping, editing, or compressing PDF files. Across the internet, HiPDF proves to be the most helpful and effective as it gives users the opportunity to fulfil all their PDF requirements on one website.

How To Use: To convert Bitmap Images to PDF files, the user can upload the BMP onto the website directly, or through Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or box. In addition to this, HiPDF also provides an offline version which can be downloaded on a desktop. Once the BMP file has been converted into a PDF, the website provides a comprehensive set of tools to edit it: such as, advanced print, sign, add text, add image, watermark, highlight, fill, stamp, merge, or secure etc.

hipdf bmp to pdf converter


  • The website is well designed, with vibrant blue colors and a pleasant view.
  • To convert digital images and picture files, the website allows users to change GIFs, PNGs, JPGs, and TIFF files to PDF documents, as well as BMP files.
  • Users who choose to pay can unlock the OCR feature which allows them to edit images as well, as the Optical Character Recognition software automatically recognizes the text within an image.
  • Good quality files
  • Allows batch conversion


  • The online editor has a limit of up to 10MB file size whereas the downloaded desktop version has no size limit.
  • Without the downloaded version, the user has to wait whereas the paid downloaded version allows the user to get the prepared file six times faster.

Payment: Currently, the HiPDF desktop version is being offered at a discount of 55% off. To get the HiPDF PRO version, which gives unlimited access to all tools, 50MB maximum file size, and an advertisement free interface, the user has to pay $6 for a monthly subscription, or $39.99 (lowered from $48) to get annual access.

2. Zamzar

One of the best online BMP to PDF converters is Zamzar. This well designed website allows the user to convert many different formats such as Doc, Word, JPG, Excel and PPT etc.

How to Use: The user simply drops the file, or links it to the website, chooses the desired format, and clicks the 'Convert' button. The process is easy and takes less than 10 minutes!

zamzar bmp to pdf converter online


  • good looking interface
  • no software to download
  • quick
  • supports over 1200 file formats
  • easy to use


  • PDF can not be edited
  • No OCR software
  • Costly

Payment: The Basic Zamzar account provides 200MB maximum file size, and 5GB online storage, for only $9 per month. The PRO Zamzar account offers 400 MB maximum file size, and 20GB online storage, at a cost of $16 per month. The Business account comes at a price of $25 a month, providing 2GB maximum file size, 100GB online storage, and a personal inbox to manage files.

4. Online2PDF

Another online free BMP to PDF converter is online2pdf which has a maximum file size of 100 MB and allows users to select up to 20 files, not exceeding the limit of 150 MB.

How to Use: The user simply has to select and insert the file on the online toolbox, edit it with the given tools (compress, view, merge, protect etc.) and convert to get the final file!

online2pdf bmp to pdf converter


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Supports many formats such as jpg, GIF, png, rtf, txt, docx, ppt, and bmp etc.


  • Advertisements on website
  • Website does not have an aesthetic or inviting interface
  • Includes limited fonts

Pricing: Free to use

5. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is another effective website that allows users to easily convert BMP files into PDFs. This website is well designed and therefore, aesthetically pleasing for the users. The interface is colourful and looks friendly and inviting. A unique and exciting feature is the GMAIL integration where the user can access Smallpdf through their Google email account, without having to visit the website itself.

How to Use: The user uploads their bitmap file into the toolbox, adjusts the size, margin, or orientation, and simply creates the PDF. The website then provides tools to edit the PDF, and then download it. These new files are easy to store, upload, and share. The website allows the user to merge, split, and rearrange the PDF file according to their own choice or requirements.

smallpdf bmp to pdf converter


  • Quick
  • Free to use
  • Does not require any installation, registration, or email.
  • Gmail integration


  • Free website is not advertisement free
  • Users have to pay for extra tools and access
  • Formats such as GIF and TIFF are not supported
  • Limited tools

Payment: The website allows up to 5GB file size for a bitmap image, and even more in its Pro version! With a 14 day free trial, the Pro version costs $12 per month, but users may choose to avail a discounted price of $108 for an annual subscription. This version is available on desktop, the user is not interfered with, or disturbed by advertisements, there is no size limitation, and pdf conversion and editing is faster.

6. PDF Candy

One of the top free BMP to PDF online converters is PDF Candy which supports file formats such as pdf, bmp, jpg, png, rtf, tiff, docx, txt, excel, and ppt etc. It has many tools which allow users to merge, split, rearrange, compress, resize, edit, and protect PDFs.

pdfcandy bmp to pdf converter


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Available in many languages
  • Good quality


  • Files are only available for 30 minutes
  • Limited formats
  • Limited tools

Pricing: Free to use

We hope that these wonderful websites will allow users to easily convert their BMP images into PDF files without any hassle or huge cost. Of all the websites, HiPDF proves to be one of the best and easiest to use. With these online converters, the user can edit their files according to their own liking and needs. These online BMP to PDF converters should prove to be helpful and make a difficult task easier to manage to execute!

Mavin Hiram

chief Editor

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