10 iLovePDF Alternatives & Competitors of 2022

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iLovePDF editor is a great PDF solution with a free version and great interface. It is very easy to handle. However, one should explore iLovePDF alternatives and competitors as times change.

Best 5 PDF Editor Sejda Alternatives & Competitors: Online

1. HiPDF

If you love PDF editors that only function online, you may like to begin with HiPDF. This is an all-in-one online PDF solution that provides multiple online services. It has great interface that has a user-friendly front, which makes it easier to explore and use its numerous features. Such include PDF editing, managing and converting, among others.

With HiPDF as one of the most considerable alternatives to iLovePDF editor, one can handle the most complicated PDF related tasks, since they will consequently become easier to perform within a few clicks. If a user opts for the free version, it is possible that usage of some tools could be impossible. Such include task registration. On the other hand, premium users can easily handle processes such as OCR service and batch processing. Therefore, one may prefer other online competitors and alternative instead.

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2. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a great organization behind the Smallpdf PDF editor, iLovePDF’s alternative. It was established in 2013 in Switzerland and so it provides a suite of great document management tools. According to experts, Smallpdf is a reliable, secure and simple PDF editor that only hosts the most relevant features. As a result, it has more than five hundred million users and some are in a hundred thousand different organizations.

This iLovePDF editor alternative functions in twenty- four languages, which explains why it has such a great fan base. Through its vivid interface, users explore and use features such as PDF converting, editing, creating, merging, and protecting among others to manipulate PDFs. It focuses on being fast, reliable and simple so that users can have unique experiences. As a result, it is definitely different from other heavy and awkward-to-use converters.

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3. Sejda PDF

Another feature packed browser-based PDF editor that can easily replace PDF editor iLovePDF, is Sejda PDF tool. It boasts of having an amazing collection of features. As a result, users can merge documents, edit, sign, and create forms in your PDFs. What’s more, you can convert common office formats such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel to PDF.

Sejda PDF also has other capabilities and thus lets you split a PDF into different sizes and extract pages and images, especially if they no longer have purpose and images. Using this PDF editor you can further add watermarks, manage passwords for heightened security, repair PDFs, and even rotate your portable documents. It is quite easy to use due to its clear instructions displayed on the website and thus great for new users and beginners. These instructions are also great for situations where one runs into problems.

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4. EasePDF

EasePDF PDF editor explains why I love PDF editor. It is a new rising online PDF solution that makes it easier to manipulate PDFs. It does PDF converting, creating and editing in the easiest and most convenient way for users. It has more than twenty free online tools and has the potential to develop others in the near future. EasePDF offers a user-friendly, professional and easy to use platform. Most importantly it values document security and so you can trust that your PDF will not be accessed by other unwanted parties.

Some of the most valuable and unique tools are PDF conversion, compression, merger and splitter. Basically it converts PDFs to files like Word and images such as JPG. It is worth noting that no registration is required to use the online platform. It only requires a great internet connection and access to your Google Drive and Dropbox.

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5. LightPDF

LightPDF is another great competitor for iLovePDF editor. It is quite compelling because it is not only fast, but also free and without watermarks and ads. Additionally, it is easy to use, and thus suitable for new users and beginners. It also does not require any form of registration in order to use it. According to most users, it is better than iLovePDF editor because it does not have limitations in regard to uploads. Basically, one can upload and process large PDF files and one wishes.

LightPDF comes with amazing features such as PDF editing, converting, and abilities such as splitting, signing, merging and unlocking PDFs. This PDF editor iLovePDF alternative makes these operations quite simple considering that some functions can be done within three steps. It allows you to convert PDFs to numerous other office files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and image files like JPG and PNG.

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Best 5 Alternatives to iLovePDF Editor: Desktop

6. PDFelement

PDFelement is the best iLovePDF PDF editor alternative for a Mac or Windows desktop. It offers numerous features and depicts a high level of professionalism. The usual set of functions, which are powerful and numerous, include PDF opening, viewing, printing and editing. It also has an OCR service that is quite useful when dealing with scanned PDF documents. This application comes with numerous PDF templates and forms that are embedded within, and come in handy during the day to day PDF tasks.

This PDF editor is quite powerful and hence can create, secure and organize your files. Its producers provide users with flexible pricing great performance and fully featured modules. It gives you complete control such that customization of PDFs is quite easy. As time advances it develops through intelligent technology to incorporate desired modifications.

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7. Sejda Desktop

Sejda PDF Desktop is also an amazing alternative for iLovePDF PDF editor as it helps PDF users with their tasks. It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux and provides users with a variety of tremendous conversion and editing tools that handle PDF files. It can also undertake other functions such as editing, protecting, cropping, splitting and merging PDFs. This Sejda application can also watermark your PDFs to avoid cases of duplication.

Sejda PDF editor for Desktop has a good looking interface that clearly presents all the above mentioned functionalities of this application. Basically, you can take a PDF document and split it into different pieces. You can as well merge it with another PD and probably extract some undesired page. You could turn the final PDF product into a Word or Excel document or into a JPG image. You may also rotate the PDF, crop, and add password protection.

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8. PDF Candy

PDF Candy Desktop is a flexible tool that offers the ability to deal with common PDF problems. It allows you to convert PDF file to various other formats such as Word, JPG, PNG, Excel, and EPUB, among others. This iLovePDF editor alternative also enables you to merge, split PDF, and extract images and text from PDF. You can also edit, unlock PDF files and password protect PDF.

PDF Candy Desktop also supports bulk processing such that you can easily merge many files at once. It also guarantees 100% privacy as it processes sensitive data on your PC. It has no file limitations and does not rely on the internet for functionality.

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9. Power PDF

Power PDF is another desktop PDF editor I love for PDF documents. It offers amazing security and has a very easy to use interface. Its users boast of having significant cost savings since the licenses have no subscription fees. The application works like other office desktop products, making it quite simpler to learn. It is also compatible with numerous platforms and devices so that you can from any location.

This application is also great at sharing documents through the cloud. Its support team maintains its security features that are built in to protect information. It is accurate during PDF conversion, as well as speedy. Using its e-signature integration, one can easily sign documents and send them to different parties for more signing. Power PDF is also valuable due to its redaction abilities.

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10. Able2Extract Professional

Able2Extract Professional is an all-in-one PDF solution for business and home users, just like iLovePDF editor. It is widely used by finance & accounting, legal, insurance, real estate, and banking industry professionals for PDF management. The software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Able2Extract PRO is equipped with enterprise-grade PDF functionalities and smart tools that allow users to significantly enhance their document workflows.

Users can convert PDF to editable Excel, Word, CSV, AutoCAD, and more file types. It can batch process hundreds of documents in seconds and uses high-fidelity OCR to handle scanned PDFs. It can edit, compare and review PDF content as it manipulates interactive PDF forms, and exports forms of data to CSV.

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