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Detect AI-generated essays for Free to Ensure Text Authenticity

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Effortlessly analyze hundreds of pages of PDF documents to check for AI-generated content. Just click to upload your lengthy PDF files and get the results hassle-free.

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Copy and paste text from any part of your essay to check for AI-generated paragraphs. Use the free AI Essay Detector as your academic companion to effectively refine your writing and reviewing.

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Detect AI-generated content in essays for free, with a limit of up to 10,000 characters and 100 PDF pages. Experience seamless uploading for fast and accurate results.

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Whether rewriting essays or conducting reviews, HiPDF's AI Detector swiftly identifies AI-generated content.

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Detect AI-written content effortlessly with this free AI Essay Detector. The free version allows checking AI-generated essays with up to 10,000 characters, ensuring accurate results.

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Instantly and accurately obtain the results of AI-generated content in essays. Easily upload or copy and paste your text and wait for the precise detection results.

How to Detect AI-generated Essays Online for Free?

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FAQs About AI Essay Detection.

  • Yes, many AI detectors can accurately check if the content is generated by AI, such as HiPDF's AI Essay Checker, GPTZero AI Detector, Copyleaks AI Content Detector, and SciSpace Academic AI Detector. Each offers a free version with varying limitations. You can try it for free and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Yes, ChatGPT-generated content can be detected in essays using AI detectors. The most widely used model is GPTZero, which can detect outputs from ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3, GPT-2, LLaMA, and AI services based on those models.

  • Exactly. Many free AI detectors can check if AI generates an essay. They typically support both text pasting and PDF uploading, with limitations on the number of characters and PDF pages that can be processed.

  • No, AI detectors are not 100% accurate. They strive to identify AI-generated content, but their accuracy isn't perfect because of the constraints of AI detection algorithms. According to Scribbr's comparison of different AI detectors, their accuracy spans from roughly 60% to 84%. So, AI detection tools shouldn't be solely relied on to determine if text is AI-generated conclusively.

  • AI essay detection refers to the process of using AI models to identify whether an essay or written content has been generated by an AI model, such as ChatGPT. This detection typically involves analyzing the text's language patterns, structures, and other characteristics to determine the likelihood that it was produced by AI rather than a human. These tools help check if the content is original, especially in academic or professional contexts where plagiarism is a concern.

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