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Effortlessly summarize PDFs, paragraphs, and texts using HiPDF AI online for free. Just upload your PDF file or paste texts, and within seconds, HiPDF will extract abstracts, key points, and summaries with ease.

Enhance your reading and comprehension with HiPDF AI PDF Reader. Beyond AI PDF summary, it allows you to rewrite texts, explain complex terms, and offer free AI chats for any questions.

Enhance your interactive PDF journey with HiPDF AI as you seamlessly Chat with PDF! Get instant, accurate answers from research papers, financial reports, legal documents, textbooks, and more. Dive into academia, study, and work effortlessly.

Translate PDF documents into 50+ languages online for free using HiPDF AI. Upload and convert the content into another language in seconds.

Rewrite PDF files for free online to improve content clarity and style, including text outside the documents. Perfect for articles, essays, blogs, resumes, and more.

Check if the content is AI-generated. Use HiPDF AI Content Detector (Powered by GPTzero) to instantly identify AI-generated content from PDFs or text.

Gain a faster and deeper understanding of important information in your PDF documents using HiPDF AI explanations.

Unleash the potential of AI to interact with your PDFs and quickly access information from textbooks, research papers, or reports.

Discover powerful PDF converter and editor tools,
going beyond AI features.

Uncover an array of robust PDF conversion and editing features powered by advanced technology beyond AI.

Word to PDF Converter

Convert Word to PDF online free. Easily change DOCX, DOC, and DOT file to PDF.

Online PDF Editor

Use the best online PDF editor to edit PDFs in your browser.

Compress PDF

Convert Word to PDF online free. Easily change DOCX, DOC, and DOT file to PDF.


Convert your PDF document into an HTML web page.

PDF to Word

Easily convert PDF to Word online.

PDF to Pages Converter

The fastest way to convert PDF to Pages on Mac and Windows.

PDF to Excel Converter

Convert PDF to Excel for free online.


HiPDF AI tools are kinda awesome! The PDF tool helps me get the important stuff from long papers super quick. It's like a study buddy that makes hard info easy!


loved by 10,000+ customers


I tried out HiPDF for my class, and it is a game-changer. I throw in some reports and the AI answers questions like a pro.


loved by 10,000+ customers


The AI text rewriting feature has proven invaluable in drafting contracts, saving me considerable time while ensuring precision.


loved by 10,000+ customers


Quick uploads and seamless summaries mean I can power through data analysis without drowning in paperwork. HiPDF PDF Reader's ability to answer questions on financial reports is like having a virtual financial analyst at my fingertips.


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Managing patient records and research papers can be a lot, but with HiPDF AI tools, it's a piece of cake. Quick summaries help me navigate through medical literature efficiently. The AI text rewriting feature is a time-saver for drafting clear and concise reports.


loved by 10,000+ customers


HiPDF AI tools are like my secret sauce for handling tech manuals. Upload those massive docs and get quick rewrites. It's like having a virtual tech writer on steroids. 


loved by 10,000+ customers


Why choose HiPDF AI?


Free AI Tools
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No credit card required. Less limitations in the free trial version.


Security and Privacy Guaranteed

We are committed to ensuring user privacy and file security.


Multiple Languages Supported

Support processing PDFs in 12 languages. Generate answers in any language.


Efficiency and Accuracy

Powered by ChatGPT, but more efficient for PDF tasks.

Power through PDF tasks with HiPDF AI plan for everyone.

Experience the future of document interaction with HiPDF. Unlock exclusive AI plans tailored to your needs and start engaging with your documents like never before:

Al Tool - Chat with PDF & AI Read


Purchase the exclusive monthly plan for Chat with PDF and AI Read to enjoy:

Tokens: 2,000,000 tokens

PDF: Up to 150 pages, no more than 100M


Monthly plan

US$ 5.90/mo

Automatically renew, cancel at any time.

FAQs about HiPDF AI features.

  • HiPDF's AI features are tailored specifically for PDF content management. While ChatGPT is a versatile language model, HiPDF focuses on enhancing tasks related to PDFs, providing functionalities like PDF summary, rewrites, and AI content detection. Compared to other AI PDF tools, HiPDF aims to offer a user-friendly and comprehensive experience for PDF analysis tasks online for free.
  • HiPDF offers a free trial version, allowing you to use HiPDF AI tools free. Log in with your Wondershare ID to access the features. If you don't have one yet, create a Wondershare ID beforehand. The trial version grants you 5,000 tokens for AI tools and 10,000 characters for the HiPDF AI detector.

  • HiPDF values user privacy and adheres to strict data privacy rules. Your data is processed securely. Any information provided is handled with care, and HiPDF does not store or use your data beyond the scope of the HiPDF features. You can refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information on data usage.

  • Yes, of course. HiPDF is a great free PDF editor and converter, powered by AI. It offers powerful PDF editing and conversion features online, enhancing your PDF tasks without any charges.

  • Certainly! With HiPDF's AI tools, you can effortlessly extract summaries and key points from PDFs. Just upload your PDF to the HiPDF AI PDF Reader page to generate abstracts, extract key information, rewrite text, or ask any questions regarding the PDF content.


Make a power move in PDF tasks with HiPDF AI tools.

Upload your PDF documents and interact with them efficiently ask anything,
get summaries, explanations, revisions, and more.

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