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Translate PDF documents into any language online with our free AI PDF Translator. Upload and convert
the content into another language in seconds.

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pdf translation Quick and precise PDF translation for free

How to translate PDF for free

Only 3 steps to translate PDF document into any language.

open ai pdf translator

Upload your PDF file to HiPDF AI PDF Translator.

select languages

Choose the target language you want.

translate pdf document

Translate PDF online for free from and to any language.

Why choose HiPDF AI PDF Translator

free online pdf translator

Free Online PDF Translator

Translate PDFs using AI for free in your browser, up to 20 pages (5000 tokens)—no installation required.

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Accurate & Fluent AI Translation

Choose us for outstanding translation quality, accuracy, and fluency powered by ChatGPT.

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Maximum Security and Privacy

Your security and privacy are our priority. All uploaded files are permanently deleted within 60 minutes after processing.

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Translate Large PDFs Fast With Ease

Quickly and easily convert your large PDF files into different languages with HiPDF AI Translator.

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AI PDF Translator for 50+ Languages

Effortlessly translate PDF files into more than 50 languages, including English, French, German, Hindi, and many more.

rtl language support

Right-to-Left (RTL) Language Support

Translate PDFs from and to RTL languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, etc. A precise and smooth flow of content is guaranteed.

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University Professor

As a teacher, I often need to translate educational materials into different languages for my students. HiPDF AI Translator has made my job so much easier. It's easy to use and accurate and works with many languages. I highly recommend it!

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Software Engineer

In my daily work, technical documents often need to be translated into different languages. This PDF Translator makes it easy. It's quick, efficient, and accurate, making it a must-have tool for me.

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As a lawyer handling international cases, I rely on accurate document translations. This PDF Translator is amazing. It flawlessly translates legal documents into different languages, ensuring clarity and precision. It's been an absolute lifesaver!

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Business Executive

In business, clear communication is vital, especially with language differences. This PDF Translator helps our company translate documents quickly and accurately. It's an essential tool for any global business.

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I love languages and often find interesting documents and articles in foreign languages. HiPDF AI Translator lets me easily explore and enjoy content in multiple languages. Its simple interface and reliable translations make language learning and exploration enjoyable.

Free Online AI PDF Translator for Anyone

Translate PDFs with ease. Break down language barriers with HiPDF AI Translator for over 50 languages.

Read your academic materials faster and better with AI PDF Translator

Translate academic articles, journals, and papers in multiple languages with ease. Say goodbye to language barriers and elevate your learning and research journey.

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Translate CVs and resumes to land your dream job

Convert your resumes into over 50 languages to boost your global career opportunities. With just one click, you can upload your PDF to HiPDF AI Translator to make it happen.

Streamline your workflow with large PDFs quickly translated by AI

Translate books, reports, forms, contracts, and other large PDFs into multiple languages with ease. Enjoy quick and accurate translations for all your professional documents.

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FAQs about HiPDF AI Translator

  • Yes, DeepL is capable of translating PDF files. You can upload your PDF to DeepL, and it will translate the content into the desired language. However, PDF translation is not the primary function of DeepL, and it has a file size limit, meaning it can't deal with large PDFs. If you have a large PDF to translate, consider using HiPDF AI Translator, a professional PDF translator powered by AI that can handle large PDFs effectively.
  • To translate files using Google Translate’s file upload feature, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Google Translate website (
    2. Choose the source and target languages for your translation.
    3. Click on the "Documents" tab. Click "Browse your computer" to upload your file.
    4. Click the "Translate" button once the file is uploaded.
    5. The translated text will appear on the screen. You can copy and paste it as needed.

    Note: Google Translate might not preserve the original formatting perfectly.

  • Yes, it is possible to translate scanned documents, but you will need to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software first. OCR converts scanned images of text into editable and searchable text. Once you have the text, you can use translation tools. HiPDF offers a built-in OCR tool to convert scanned documents into editable ones for translation.

  • If you upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, you can use GPT-4 to translate PDF documents. There’s a 25MB file size limit for uploads. Once you upload the PDF, GPT-4 will extract the text and give you the translated version in the form of text. For easier and faster PDF translations, you can also consider using specialized tools like HiPDF AI Translator, which can handle large PDFs easily while maintaining the original PDF format.

  • Yes, there are several free AI image translation tools available online. Google Translate offers an image translation feature. You can upload an image with text, and Google Translate will translate the text within the image. Yandex Translate also provides a similar service where you can upload an image, and the tool will translate the text within the image. You can also use image tools in HiPDF to convert images to editable Word files and then translate the text.

  • The best free PDF translator will depend on your specific needs. One option is HiPDF, which offers a comprehensive online PDF solution. In addition to translation, HiPDF can help you rewrite, read, and explain PDFs using AI. Furthermore, it allows you to convert, edit, organize, and protect PDF files. All are online for free. Also, you can choose DocTranslator. DocTranslator offers a free translation service and can handle a variety of file formats, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and more.

Free online PDF tools for all purposes hipdf

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