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Chat with your PDF like your friend. All you need to do is ask and let it talk about itself.

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Understand PDF documents effortlessly with AI.

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Extract Key Points

Transform the way you read and comprehend PDF content. Summarize lengthy passages, extract key information, and quickly locate what you need. Say hello to an efficient and hassle-free document comprehension journey.

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Answer Questions about PDF Documents

HiPDF thoroughly analyzes your PDFs, providing insightful answers based on document content. With the ability to understand 12 different languages, HiPDF ensures effective analysis of PDFs in diverse languages.

Chat with PDF
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Streamline PDF Tasks with Quick Prompts

Leverage quick prompts to convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PPT, and JPG directly without leaving the AI chat box.

Chat with PDF

Accelerate work and learning by chatting with PDF.


Summarize long textbooks, clarify concepts, get new ideas, and more. Ideal for enhancing learning experiences.


Analyze industry reports and professional documents easily. Improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency.


Explain business reports, analyze financial data, and do market research. Raise work productivity and optimize performance.

How to chat with PDF online?

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FAQs about chatting with PDF online.

  • HiPDF's Chat with PDF tool, powered by ChatGPT, allows you to chat with your PDF documents. Enhance your reading and comprehension with the power of artificial intelligence.

    Step 1. Visit HiPDF's official website and go to Chat with PDF page.

    Step 2. Upload the target PDF, and HiPDF will analyze the document. The chat box will display a summary, main points, and keywords extracted from the file.

    Step 3. Enter your questions in the chat box and receive AI-powered responses from HiPDF.

  • You only need to sign up for HiPDF's account with your email to experience the top-notch "Chat with PDF" feature, without the need for a separate ChatGPT account. You can also log into HiPDF with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple ID.

  • The Chat with PDF feature utilizes AI tokens, and the number of chatting with HiPDF is determined by your AI token balance. With the HiPDF free plan, you get 5,000 tokens, and the monthly plan provides a generous 50,000 tokens. For an even more extensive experience, consider our exclusive Monthly Plan for the AI tool, offering users a substantial allocation of 2,000,000 AI tokens every month.

  • HiPDF is a great way to summarize your PDF documents free online. HiPDF's Chat with PDF feature, powered by ChatGPT, efficiently summarizes your document by generating a summary, and extracting key points, which allows for a quick and easy understanding of your file.

  • Certainly! With ChatGPT 4.0's Data Analysis tool, you can upload a PDF for summarization. However, please note that not all PDFs are eligible. Inaccessible, image-based, or paywalled PDFs may not be summarized. The accuracy of the summary depends on the quality of the PDF.

    For ChatGPT 3.5, while it cannot directly summarize PDFs, you can provide relevant details, and ChatGPT 3.5 will generate a summary of your document.

    If you're looking to extract key points or keywords from a PDF, HiPDF is a great tool to try. Additionally, HiPDF's OCR feature can recognize text in scanned PDFs for effective summarization.


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