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Fast PDF to Pages Converter

No sign-up, no wait, and no online subscription are required to change PDF to Pages online. Our PDF to Pages converter is a fast tool giving the best outcome!
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How to convert PDF to Pages?

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Step 01. Open PDF files

Open the PDF file in our PDF to Pages converter.
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Step 02. Convert PDF to Pages

Once the file is imported, press "Convert" button. Your file will be converted from PDF to Pages.
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Step 03. Download converted PDFs

Finally, press "Download" button to export.
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FAQs about PDF to Pages Converter

Apple Pages is a built-in word processor for Mac that doesn't support PDF format. To open and edit PDF files in Pages, you need to convert the PDFs to editable formats like .pages or .docx. You can use the HiPDF PDF to Pages converter for this task. Simply upload your PDF to PDF to Pages online, which will convert it into a .pages document. After downloading the converted file to your Mac, you can open and edit it in Pages as needed.

There are two ways to convert PDF to Pages on Mac: one is using HiPDF online PDF to Pages converter, the other is using Preview on Mac.

Use an online converter: Go to PDF to Pages online on your Mac, click Choose Files and select the PDF files from your Mac, and HiPDF will automatically turn them into Page documents. Click Download to get the Pages files back to your Mac.

Use the Preview method: To convert a PDF file to editable document using Preview, follow these steps: Open the PDF file with Preview on your Mac, select all the content by pressing Command-A and then copy the selected content. Open Apple Pages and create a new document. Paste the copied content into the new Pages document and save the file. This will allow you to edit the PDF content within Pages.

HiPDF allows you to convert PDFs to Pages format on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, open Safari or another browser on your device and navigate to the HiPDF PDF to Pages converter. Tap "Choose Files" to upload your PDF from your iPhone or iPad. HiPDF will then convert the file to a Pages document, which you can download and edit.

Adobe PageMaker is an outdated publishing program for Mac that is no longer supported. PageMaker files are saved in formats such as .pmd, .pmt, .pm3, .pm4, .pm5, and .pm6. If you still use PageMaker and need to convert PDFs to PageMaker formats, unfortunately, there are no tools available for this conversion.

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