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Mavin Hiram

Mavin Hiram

chief Editor
  • Over 10 years of experience in software development and testing instructional content writing
  • Technology lead for HiPDF and software engineer
  • Chief editor for HiPDF team since 2015
  • Specializes in software development and testing and user experience manager.

Experience & Education


Mavin is able to expertly blend his technological background with content writing. This allows him to speak in a language that readers can easily understand. Mavin is always looking to improve himself by trying to understand software from a user’s perspective. He often read tech articles and himself participate in software testing.


Mavin has completed the computer science bachelor from the University of Waterloo, Canada. During his education tenure, he was inside the dean list for 2 years. He afterward did his masters from the same university


Mavin has been an excellent software engineer even before joining Hipdf. He works on numerous projects covering different categories like mobile development and web development. At Hipdf he started working as a senior web developer, but now he works as a tech lead for Hipdf and head editor.


During his free time, he loves music and he likes to play guitar. He also likes to do live streaming. He also occasionally reads books and tech magazines.